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Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

Aluminum Roofing Tiles

Rain Gutter Carrier


We deal in strong, durable and high quality roofing materials. We are the best roofing material supplier in Nigeria with more than a decade experience in delivering quality roofing materials across Nigeria.

Our Products includes:
  • Stone Coated Roofing Tiles
  • Aluminum Roofing Tiles
  • Rain Gutter Carrier (Water collector)

About Stone Chip Roof Tile

Stone Chip coated metal roofing tile is a new concept roofing material, which is based on high corrosion Al-Zn plate, high quality watercraft acrylic resin as adhesives, high weathering of natural stone particles or inorganic color pigments for the dyeing of natural stone surface, it is creative, complex, environment-friendly high-tech products.

We call it the best tile because it has not only with natural, deep and excellent decorative properties of the traditional clay tile, but has light, strong, and durable performance of modern metal tile, it is the main trend of current international advanced roofing material. It is suitable for roof slope project with various styles and types of structure (wood, steel, concrete), also applies to the original buildings flat to pitched, old roofing and building decorations, and other local projects.

At Batlan Roof, we have been involved in sales of building materials since 2006 and have personally supplied notable companies, engineers and property owners. We take pride in the fact that all products supplied by our company are of good qualities. Our supplies and deliveries have always been completed on time in a safe and professional manner.
We provide safety awareness to our clients on issues relating to handling of some delicate products on site. The most fundamental part of Batlan Concept Interior and Exterior Ltd is our employees. Our people care about quality. They take the extra step to ensure quality supply. All supplies will receive my personal attention. It is my goal as well as the goal of our employees to give our customers the best service possible. I would sincerely appreciate an opportunity to work with you on your present and future projects where our services would be of value.
Thank you.
Kindest regards,
Azeezat O. Yusuf
Managing Director

BATLAN also deals in quality building materials including:

  • Doors
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Ceilings and POP
  • Interior and Exterior Design
  • and many more...

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